Pride in Passion


We roast our beans in small batches every week. Meaning you get craft coffee that have been freshly roasted every time you order from us.

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We love roasting coffee the way people love puppies!

No, really. We do. #puppies

So, what’s up with the name?



a small auxiliary rocket on a spacecraft or missile, fired in the direction of travel to slow the craft down, for example, when landing on the surface of a planet.

In other words...

Slow down and enjoy some RetroRocket craft coffee. You've earned it. Launch the Day

The perfect pair

Café & Jazz
Rocket Tunes

What we're listening to as we roast...

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We take this philosophy seriously:

Launch The Day

True specialty coffee crafted just for you!

Let’s break this down


RetroRocket Coffee is roasted to order in Reno, Nevada. At RetroRocket Coffee, we are proud to co-roast our coffees at the roasting facility for Hub Coffee Roasters. Co-roasting as a business model allows us to utilize the tools, space, and state of the art equipment not normally affordable for a small boutique coffee roasting start-up.

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We are fortunate for our mentors and friends


“I could see the passion and determination coming from the RetroRocket team. I believe in supporting not only the local community but the coffee community as well. I have great confidence that RetroRocket Coffee will continue to produce and sustain wonderful third-wave coffees for years to come.”

Mark Trujillo - Hub Coffee Roasters