RetroRocket Coffee is roasted to order in Reno, Nevada. At RetroRocket Coffee, we are proud to co-roast our coffees at the roasting facility for Hub Coffee Roasters. Co-roasting as a business model allows us to utilize the tools, space, and state of the art equipment not normally affordable for a small boutique coffee roasting start-up. We are fortunate that the owner of Hub Coffee Roasters, Mark Truijjio, is not only a mentor but a friend. “I could see the passion and determination coming from the RetroRocket team. I believe in supporting not only the local community but the coffee community as well. I have great confidence that RetroRocket Coffee will continue to produce and sustain wonderful third-wave coffees for years to come.” Please visit www.hubcoffeeroasters.com to learn more about Hub Coffee Roasters.

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So, what’s up with the name?



a small auxiliary rocket on a spacecraft or missile, fired in the direction of travel to slow the craft down, for example, when landing on the surface of a planet.

In other words...

Slow down and enjoy some RetroRocket craft coffee. You've earned it. Launch the Day