One crazy idea!

About Retro Rocket

It all started in Reno, Nevada where three friends fell in love with roasting coffee. With a shared passion for entrepreneurship, starting a coffee roasting business felt like a natural pursuit. PLUS, we get to nerd out on coffee and share it with our friends.

We’re proud to roast our bespoke craft coffee in the Biggest Little City in the World!

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Meet the Gang

Team RetroRocket

Ann Burns- co-owner, roaster, marketing guru

Deidre Kennelly- co-owner, roaster, coffee nerd

Tom Crist- co-owner, roaster, customer service wiz

So, what’s up with the name?



a small auxiliary rocket on a spacecraft or missile, fired in the direction of travel to slow the craft down, for example, when landing on the surface of a planet.

In other words...

Slow down and enjoy some RetroRocket craft coffee. You've earned it. Launch the Day


During our initial learning process, we would often roast the coffee with a bit too much heat. We decided we needed a retrograde rocket - aka retro rocket- to slow us down. We have become roasting nerds with high standards. We source the highest quality green coffee beans and roast only in small batches.