Tom Crist

This week, we’re getting wild.

August 03, 2020

We’re asking you… to help us help you.  Let me explain…  Our new deal is a two part endeavor.  Use code “I told a friend” to receive a free Klean Kanteen tumbler when you buy two bags of coffee.  It’s a $26 dollar value, yours free with purchase of just TWO bags of coffee, and for telling one of your good friends about RetroRocket Coffee and how much you love our amazing products.   Just remember to also put the tumbler in your cart before checkout.   Now, how do we know that you actually told a friend?  Well, we don’t.  So, it’s going to be an honor system arrangement.  Should we trust you?   Probably not.  But, we have an idea to help you come out a hero.  Give your friend the code “friend” and they will receive 50% off any coffee they order.  As many bags as they want, all 50% off.  This deal is for new customers only, or for you if you use a new email address.  But again, I refer to that honor system we spoke about earlier in this paragraph. 

Have a great week. Tom & Annie

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