Tom Crist

The Darker Side

July 05, 2019

The Inspiration

What do we hear the most from customers that we can repeat here in print?  “I want dark roast!” We hear it all the time, so we made one. A “darker” roast anyway.  Quite frankly, it’s awesome, and our newest coffee. We searched for months to find the perfect coffee that would have the flavor profile we wanted and meet the desires of those whose pallet craves a darker, bolder cup of coffee.  Now, let’s get nerdy about it. 

The Coffee

Night Flight, is sweet, chocolatey and smokey with hints of dark cherry and molasses. Currently, it is a single origin coffee that comes from farmer Roger Domiguez’s farm Finca San Francisco in Marcala, a municipality in Honduras well-known for its coffee. This farm boasts 18,000 coffee plants of the Catuia varietal. The coffee cherries are depulped the same day, dry fermented in tanks for 18 hours, washed three times, and dried on raised beds for 12–15 days on average. The coffee is harvested December through March.  

Let's Make a Cup

To enhance the smoky, bold flavor of Night Flight, we like to make it in a French Press using an 18:1 water to coffee ratio. Learn more coffee brewing tips on our Brew Guide.


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