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V60 Pour Over

August 02, 2018

Description: Light, bright cup that brings out the delicate notes of a coffee, pour over method

Equipment: Grinder, timer, scale, hot water, whole bean coffee, V60 cone, coffee mug for waste water, vessel to brew coffee in (such as the Hario Glass Range Coffee Server), V60 Hario filter


  1. Place V60 cone on top of the coffee mug, open up and place the V60 filter in the cone, ensuring it sits sung all the way at the bottom of the cone. Wet the filter with hot water, let drain, then move the V60 cone to the serving vessel. 
  2. Bring 360 g of water to a boil, then take it off the heat.
  3. Weigh out 26 grams of coffee; grind coffee on a medium grind (should look similar to kosher salt).
  4. Place ground coffee evenly in the filter, then move the entire set onto a scale and set the scale to zero.
  5. Start the timer! Slowly pour 60 grams of water over the coffee, saturating all of it. Wait 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom (the fresh coffee releases CO2, gets all bubbly and rises!)
  6. Slowly pour 100 grams of water in an even spiral starting from the outside in. (TIP: Pour water on the coffee, avoiding the sides of the filter. Aim for the dark spots, rather than the light spots to get an even extraction). Wait 10-15 seconds.
  7. Repeat step 7 until you reach 360 grams on the scale.
  8. Let the rest of the water drain into the vessel, then remove the cone.
  9. Pour, sip, and enjoy!
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